Womb Boom is one of our most unique products + we are so excited to offer it. Born out of our own personal struggles each month, we gave Womb Boom a higher dose of our medicinal treatment oil  to tackle all symptoms of menstruation.

Because our signature medicinal oil is anti-inflammatory + mood stabilizing, you can use this rescue oil to relieve cramps, bloat + even PMS!


Use internally by dropping a few drops onto the included natural sea sponge before inserting or apply topically on to affected areas (i.e. lower abdomen or lower back).


What's Inside:

Calendula Extract, Roman Chamomile Absolute, Hempseed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Lavender Absolute, Rose Absolute, 250mg isolate suspended in MCT oil.


A percentage of annual proceeds from RadRitual Branded items sales is donated to organizations like The Bail Project, NORML, The ACLU & others working towards releasing & expunging those incarcerated on Cannabis related charges.  

WOMB BOOM Menstrual Oil


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