The most classic of the Cleansing Wands - our Witch's Garden bundle is made with ethically & sustainably sourced White Sage, Lavender & dried flowers.


White Sage is the all around protector - removing any negative, stagnant or blocked energy from you & your space. It is also excellent to use when you need some help releasing & letting go of old patterns of thought or behavior. The addition of Lavender brings a sense of deep calm and clarity to your cleansing smoke ritual. We further incorporate various dried flowers depending on their availability to the season during which they are foraged. These may include:


Rose - unconditional love, attraction & gentleness

Lily - devotion & purification of the spirit

Forget Me Not - rememberance & manifestation of good memories

Jasmine - good luck, purity & love

Chrysanthemum - happiness, longevity & joy

Amaranth - longevity, rebirth & immortality 

Marigold - creativity, passion & courage

Witch's Garden Cleansing Wand