This Cleansing Wand is made with Rosemary & Sage to honor Samhain, but can be used at any time of the year. 


Rosemary & Sage are both protective cleansing herbs traditionally used around the time of Samhain (halloween) due to their purification powers. 


We also enhance this bundle with dried orange slices for boosting magic or fertility and a mini pumpkin. Pumpkins have been using during Samhain for centuries due to their ability to banish & ward off negative energies and enhance luck, prosperity & fertility. 


Although connected to Samhain, this bundle works best for any work that involves the shadow or our hidden self. It will cleanse negativity & purify vibrations all around you to aid in your healing. Use this bundle when you want to shine a bright light on all of your truths and to purify wounds so they may heal. This bundle is also especially helpful in fertility-related work.

We have hand-wrapped our Samhain bundles in black or orange thread to enhance the qualities of this cleansing wand. 

Samhain Cleansing Wand