Our CannaCandles start out with a base of soy wax that is infused with nano-CBD isolate & natural botanicals that support your ritual work and wellbeing.

The candles are then dressed with further dried herbs, flowers, roots, resins & oils for energy work or ritual practice.


We have 5 blends currently:


Yule - for blessing, good luck + prosperity; notes are pine, balsam, juniper + firewood.

Samhain - for divination, protection + banishing; notes are cinnamon, sweet orange, pumpkin + patchouli.

Original - for cleansing, calming + releasing; notes are Palo Santo, Sage + Gardenia.

Saturn Daddy - for shadow work, transmuting lessons + discipline; notes are cypress, tobacco + frankincense resin.

Ritual CannaCandle


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