Nirvana is a state of mind, we wanna be in like all the time… this mist will do just that. A spritz of this is reminiscent of a summer breeze blowing through a mediterranean orange grove. Refreshing, hydrating + instantly calming, this spray never leaves our side.


Use anytime on face, body, hair or even as a delicious room spray! Shake before spraying, as the oils + rosewater naturally separate. Recommended to use with The G.O.A.T Cleansing Powder. 


What's Inside:

Turkish Rose Water, Bitter Orange Essential Oil, Lavender Absolute, 60mg isolate suspended in MCT oil.


A percentage of annual proceeds from RadRitual Branded items sales is donated to organizations like The Bail Project, NORML, The ACLU & others working towards releasing & expunging those incarcerated on Cannabis related charges.  

NIRVANA Mood-Boosting Mist

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