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You know the feeling you get when you gaze out at the ocean or the sky, listening to the crashing waves or watching the clouds float by? With Cosmic Mermaid, we’ve bottled that feeling. This  is our calming blue oil, blended with ingredients known to soothe, hydrate + protect, so you can have the supple, glowing skin of a mermaid. Scented with a special blend of luxurious Jasmine, Lilac & Lavender, this oil will take you to a sweet seaside night garden. This blend of oils is best suited for sensitive + reactive skin types.


Suggested use: A few drops AM + PM, gently massaged into skin post cleansing with The G.O.A.T & Nirvana Mist.


What's Inside:

Shea Olein, Blue Yarrow Extract, German Chamomile Extract, Borage Seed Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Lilac Absolute, 150mg isolate suspended in MCT oil.


A percentage of annual proceeds from RadRitual Branded items sales is donated to organizations like The Bail Project, NORML, The ACLU & others working towards releasing & expunging those incarcerated on Cannabis related charges.  

COSMIC MERMAID Soothing Beauty Oil


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