We Were On A Break...

Sometimes, we all just need a break. Some breathing room, a check back into reality, because honestly, Social Media is a world separate of our real life. It's also an obligation and part of the daily grind as a business owner of any kind. Every post contains a world unto itself. We fear the Social Media Break because of algorithms and losing interest or not staying relevant, but the truth is that breaks create space for new perspective and insight that can keep us fresh and exciting, in our own eyes and yours.

As a business owner, these are some of the reasons I took a break. As a human separate of my business, the reasons are deeper.

I took a twelve day break from social media. The real-real reason is that I have an ongoing battle with detachment. I wasn't aware of it by name until recently, but I think it's been there for a long time. When things are too much or overwhelming, I cope by detaching. It can be temporary or take place over longer periods where I'm generally un-grounded, struggle to focus & would rather be doing mindless activities because it's all my brain can really handle. Social media is a facilitator of mindless scrolling, tapping, posting, etc... and it's the gateway to having a screen as a constant companion to drop us out of the real world and our real surroundings, emotions & struggles.

My family and I are adventurers with a collectively nomadic and intuition-driven spirit. We follow our hearts & our guts and go wherever our energy calls us to go. We know with this kind of life, we should expect bumps, bruises & hurdles and boy have we become experts at moving through all of those things. Our recent move across country from Pittsburgh to Southern California was one of the biggest & best intuition-guided decisions for all of us, but it also had some massive lessons to teach us right out of the gate. The hardships that came at the beginning of our move laid the perfect foundation to just tap the heck out, detach from the reality of how difficult life had become and how off track everything felt. I was forcefully thrown leagues out of my comfort zone and I found that instead of detaching from that reality, I actually stepped into that new zone with a surprising amount of awareness. I began to really see beyond the surface level of what was happening and could process the energetic blueprint behind all of the hardship. The energetic blueprint is what happens behind the scenes and usually we can't really see it until it's in our rear-view. I'll give an example for better understanding:

We moved to our dream city and into a rental that we thought was going to be perfect for us for a good little while. From the outside, it seemed that way, however from the minute we walked in, we knew things were off and very much not as they seemed. To make a long story shorter, it became a living nightmare that resulted in us having to essentially flee before we had planned to move out, abandoning most of the belongings we had just moved across the country, putting our animals into boarding & live in a hotel for three and a half weeks.

The comfort zone I had mentioned before formerly consisted of a very non-confrontational, non-aggressive state of operating and now I was finding myself fighting for my family almost on a daily basis. Every part of my old-self wanted to drop out of reality and just pretend all of the wrong that was happening wasn't happening, but the new version of me being born from this energetic blueprint knew that wasn't an option. I had to be fully present this time and speak up. Instead of battling with detachment, I battled with self-doubt because I grew up conditioned to not over-react or be overly sensitive or inconvenience anyone. I constantly questioned if I was doing the right thing by standing up for this little family unit that has gone through so much together because I had never really had to fight for our wellbeing like this before.

We found a home early on into our realizing that the rental was going to be problematic, but before it became unsafe to inhabit, and knowing that we had that light of a good home base at the end of the tunnel kept us going. We had some more bumps in the road on our way there, namely delays that could have been avoided by parties outside of our hands. Waking up on the day you are supposed to be moving into our new safe-space after almost a month of living a somewhat displaced life, separated from our animals, to find out that it would need to be pushed back by almost another week was the thing that had me slipping back into detachment mode. I had been fighting and fighting and working at doing everything in my humanly-possible power to make things okay for all of us again that those last few bumps really felt like mountains I just didn't want to sink my climbing gear into. It was those last few days of delay and waiting that I started the break from Social Media.

The Social Media break was just a piece of what was happening, but getting offline was important. It was just one step in changing the pattern of coping via detachment. I knew that when we did get into our new place, I wanted to go in without distractions and with a clear vision or idea of what this new space would be for us. It was a fresh start after the nightmare we had been living and it was time to step into the energy of everything we had moved out here to accomplish, because it had all had to be put on hold.

I think an older version of me would have been okay opening this chapter only half-present, but not this version of me. The blueprint showed me the background workings of what was really happening and why - the things we went through forced me to have to be present. I had to learn the difference between staying quiet for convenience/comfort & speaking up for what's actually right. Because I stayed present, I now know that within my one body, I hold the full range of capabilities to be a fighter AND a zen little hippie. The latter is my natural state, the zone of comfort, but I am more comfortable now knowing that I can turn on the other side of the coin anytime I may need to. Both can exist within you & not take away from one another. That was the hard lesson for me, I was scared that I had been forced to be the aggressive protector every second of every day for long enough that it was just going to be my natural state for the rest of time going forward. If I had allowed myself to get distracted and detached, I would have allowed myself to view the world very differently than what the blueprint was actually trying to accomplish for me.

I moved to a new place that energetically supports my growth & healing, but I came into this new place with a fractured voice & layers of brokenness surrounding my true spirit. That true spirit is what guided me to this new place and everything left that hadn't been broken already had to be in order to set my true self free. It can suck real bad to go through extremely deep, dark shadow work, but sometimes (most times) it's just what has to happen in order to level up.

I would have never restored my fierce, fighting voice without every single thing we went through. I would have never learned how truly important overcoming something like detachment coping is to real self healing. I would have never been able to come to terms with the fact that it's more than okay to fight with everything you have for yourself and the things that matter most to you. I would have never truly realized that the things that mean everything to me in life are mine & my family's health & wellbeing. Everything else is truly just extra. All of the things we lost are just things, as long as we have each other in tact. Each of those lessons became part of my new energetic blueprint and understanding of what I came here to do and be. I've never felt more confident in my abilities as a human & healer, because realistically, we never really know how much we are truly capable of until we have to actually be capable of it. I always hoped I was as badass as I thought I could be, but now I know it for fact, because the only thing that can break me down completely is me & even when that happens, it's for the purpose of self-healing, freedom & rebirth.

The point to sharing all of this is that I am a healer and in my eyes good healers can only help others from a place of having been through it already. I can't help somebody change the oil in their car if I've never changed the oil in my own car, so I share this reflection all to say that these things I've written about myself are also truths about YOU. Whether you've gone

through, are going through or will go through any hardships that utterly test you, remember this little read here and hopefully you will be able to see all the ways you are transforming to your most-healed & authentic self. And remember to take breaks from the online world every once in a while... it's not going to hurt you & it will add invaluable perspective in places that might surprise you!

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