Pick A Stack Tarot Reading!

This week we are PICKING A STACK! Pick a stack of cards that is calling most to you and scroll down to see what is revealed.

| Stack 1 |

Compassion and Ten of Pentacles

You're reaching goals, accomplishing tasks, and completing journeys, all while being surrounded with empathy and appreciation! You are handling any challenges and overcoming any setbacks that you face. You have put time into your community and now this community trusts you and supports your dreams. They want what is best for you! You are leaving a legacy, no matter what aspect this may be. You will be remembered for who you are and what you stand for! Love, community, and stability are surrounding you. Embrace it!

| Stack 2 |

Intuition and Queen of Swords

Trust your intuition and intelligence, and think clearly about your present situation. Logic rules, but it is important to listen to your gut. Cut through that bullshit and get to the facts. Utilize quick-wit and if you need to. Those who are more sensitive may view this way as blunt, cold, and harsh, but it's not that you're being harsh, you just are trying to be fair. Look within, you know what is best for you.

| Stack 3 |

Endurance and Nine of Cups

It’s great to enjoy the journey, and find that happiness along the way- even if you are aiming for a goal or desire. Staying too focused on your goal can be draining and the joy may diminish by the time you reach it. However, you don’t want to slow down to a stop! Keep on keeping on, but keep in mind the adventure along the way is an experience in itself. As you continue your journey, what successes, abundance, or satisfaction can you claim to have had? As you propel yourself forward, what can you be grateful for?

Decks Used:

Vagabond Wild Tarot

Oceanic Wild Oracle

Both decks by Tiffany Sosa of Boho Indie and Wild

Jenna Rose Katlik


Jenna has been using various card-based divination throughout her life, focusing more on tarot for the last few years. She currently resides in Southern California.

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