Pick a Stack! This week we are picking cards from the cozy Considerate Cat Tarot by Madeleine Belanger and the active Practice You Oracle by Elena Brower. I love this combination because Practice You gives amazing activities and reflections for deeper understanding, and who knows better self care than a cat, as depicted in the Considerate Cat? Fun fact, the Considerate Cat Tarot is based off of rescue cats from Vancouver Orphan Rescue Kitten Association. This week we will be choosing a tarot card with a paired activity card to gain deeper meaning. So take a few moments, breathe, and pick the stack that sings to you!

| Stack 1 |

The Six of Wands reminds us that our hard work is paying off! Your success is growing as you are tackling your goals. Admiration and adoration is shining bright on you, and your confidence is glowing. You are right where you need to be. This may only be the beginning, so keep that momentum flowing and going! Slay away, babes! Victory is yours!

Activity for this week: “How will you serve your heart today? This is the innermost temple.”

As you glow with the confidence of your success, remember to not let it inflate your head. Coming back to see how to invigorate your passions and honor your heart is the biggest success anyone can have, especially in a world where so many people struggle to find what they love. As Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

| Stack 2 |

Are you feeling the heavy energy of the Five of Pentacles? Hardship seems to have made you a friend right now. You may be feeling like the world is against you and nothing is going right. Do you feel like your community is leaving you behind? You’re not alone, so don’t worry. Try to reconnect to your group, or maybe try to connect to a completely new circle! If you are still struggling, finding closure and moving on could help lift the burden.

Activity for this week: “This is how I remember to see each day as a gift. What memories open your eyes and soften your gaze?”

I say this all this time to everyone who struggles with stress or other heavy daily burdens. Looking at the positives of each day help redirect your perspective. Personally, I suffer from a lot of issues with abandonment, and when I feel like I am losing that connection, I reach out or look at the times where my people were there for me when I didn’t expect it. Even random acts of kindness from strangers can lift you up and make you feel a part of something greater.

| Stack 3 |

Justice is so prevalent all around us recently, and carrying that fair energy will absolutely benefit you this week. Remember to stick to the rules, however there are always respectful but loud ways to protest what you do not agree with. If you have biased opinions, keep them to yourself! The facts are your evidence. Before starting any projects or joining groups, please be sure you understand the rules clearly, or you may end up regretting it. Don't forget this policy with yourself! Have you been treating yourself fairly?

Activity for this week: “Place hands on your Solar Plexus, just below your heart. Listen to your breathing. Surrender. Lose track. Come back. These are the blessings I offer to the mothers and fathers.”

Taking a few moments to connect with your Solar Plexus to find what empowers you can help you find your inner truth. Evaluate what your relationships are to your parents, as well as those who served as maternal and paternal roles. So much of our personal justices are embedded at such a young age, and it's important to recognize and evaluate those values. It’s okay if you have moved away from what you were taught, just as it is okay if you still hold those lessons close.

It feels like this week has a lot of themes of purging and celebration. Energetically it feels lighter and more freeing than it has been, but in a way where a lot has been cleansed from us. We are in the start of Mercury Retrograde, so remember to stay grounded and clear minded moving forward to avoid any misunderstandings or arguments. Good luck, until next week, lovelies!

Decks used:

Considerate Cat Tarot by Madeleine Belanger

Practice You by Elena Brower

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