Look to the Stars...

For this week, I want us to focus on (Red VS blue). Now I want you to close your eyes and think about what you truly need presently. What aspect does it relate to: physical, mental, or spiritual? Take all the time you need, we aren't going anywhere. Take a deep breath. Did you figure out where you need to look? Great, now go ahead and read on.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the Ninth House

If you are looking for guidance for your spiritual being…

“The granting of purification to resurrect spiritual values”

This is exciting! Through this purge that is happening energetically, it allows you to bring back your old spiritual values. What’s dead is not lost. However this is an important time to remember that some morals and values have no place with you now, and it’s completely okay to let dead things be dead. So reframing, what used to bring you life that you no longer practice? Let’s resurrect that.

If you are looking for guidance for your mental being…

“Blessings from the secrets of long-range thinking of travel”

I love when travel is brought up in readings. It can mean so many different things, from physically traveling, to your own day-today life journey. This begs you to think in advance: one year from now, 5 years from now, even 10 years from now! What secrets could the future be holding? Only the journey will tell!

If you are looking for guidance for your physical being…

“Good fortune resulting from the power of what is to be shared”

This has community all over it! What can be shared with your community, whether it's your family, friends, or even your neighbors! This cultivates more secure bonds and strengthens relationships- the richest of all wealth. Genuinity leaves all involved with good energy and high spirits. What can you do today to help your community further?

Channelled Thoughts:

There are DEEP energetic purges happening right now as the recent Full Corn Moon in Pisces washes us all clean. Relationships that no longer serve us are being terminated, many are clearing out junk from their homes, and even I am going through supplies and making an effort to organize my supply stock. Roll with it. It’s like a spring cleaning, but for the fall! Also we cannot forget that the time to say “goodbye” to summer is coming and “hello” to fall is coming! You may notice changes in your diet, clothing, or even activities and that is okay- roll with it, get cozy, and drink a pumpkin spiced latte! It’s all for the changing of the seasons!

Deck used:

Karma Cards by Monte Farber

Jenna Rose Katlik


Jenna has been using various card-based divination throughout her life, focusing more on tarot for the last few years. She currently resides in Southern California.

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