How to Stop Limiting Yourself by Re-Patterning

We already know most often than not, we are naturally creatures of habit. Habit = comfortable. Patterns are just repeated behaviors, thought processes, idiosyncrasies... habits. They can be consciously or un-consciously performed, but the act of re-patterning begins when we become aware of the patterns that have not and no longer will serve us.

How many times have you done something out of habit, like a reflex, and then wished you hadn't? Are there times you can recall being aware of a behavior pattern than you wish you could replace with a different outcome, but for whatever reason just can't? You know your default reaction isn't going to benefit you in the long run, but still you let that pattern play out...

Karmic patterns are like an addiction. You know it's more harm than good, but you just can't help yourself.

Sometimes these hard-to-break patterns are karmic lessons playing out across our lifetimes because we haven't figured out how to heal the root cause of our self-sabotage and self-limiting. There is something, somewhere in the divine blueprint of your soul that needs to be witnessed and healed in order to replace limiting habits with freedom.

If you find yourself becoming aware of the 'why did I do that?' patterns of behavior in your life, you are likely being called to do the Shadow Healing necessary for breaking that karmic addiction. This means you are being called to sink deeper into that awareness until you can look at the wound behind the pattern and move on from it. It means it is time to ask yourself why you allow self-limiting or sabotaging patterns of behavior... and answer honestly. The only way out, is through and sometimes the path gets murky - if you are feeling called to this work and would like guidance in your karmic re-patterning, you can book a Shadow Healing Session to be supported through the work.

The harder something is to overcome, the more your life is going to change once you work through it. I have experienced karmic re-patterning first-hand and it completely changed my perspective. But, it wasn't easy. It didn't come quickly and whether I realized it or not, it took years after I gained awareness of my patterning to make any sort of progress.

See, I had become aware that my biggest pattern of ultimate self-sabotage was rushing into decisions because I couldn't handle moving slowly or feeling stuck and purposeless. I now call it the 'Blind Suitcase' pattern, because in my mind, it's like having a suitcase and filling it up before you even know where your destination is. I can look back on countless times where I started to feel stuck or like I was at a stand-still and so I would create an opportunity to rush into something else, just to feel like I was moving.

The destination didn't matter, as long as I wasn't standing still.

It made no sense to me, because at the same time, all my spirit craved was the three s's -slowness, serenity, stability. Yet there I was, self-sabotaging everything my true self really wanted.

Recently, I was in a place where I was feeling probably the most stuck, lost and purposeless I had ever felt in my entire twenty-eight years of life. My business and life in general had shifted so much that I couldn't see or feel my passion or purpose anymore and this was an incredibly uncomfortable place to be sitting. One of those days, I saw a space a few blocks from home that was for lease. I looked it up and immediately sent it to my husband. "I thought we stopped doing the storefront because we weren't passionate about it anymore... it was too stressful and not sustainable..." was his response. But I had gotten so good at my self-sabotaging patterning that I somehow convinced the both of us that this was the right thing. This time would be different.

And it was different. Because we didn't go through with it.

Every step that brought us closer to leasing the space, I found myself questioning why I was doing it. It was a suitcase, ready to be packed, with no destination. I was falling into my own pattern of behavior that would ultimately do more harm for my progress than any good. I created this "opportunity" because I was getting to0 uncomfortable in the hot seat, so I needed a distraction. But this was the first time I was able to stop and re-pattern and when I tell you that one decision alone changed everything... I mean it changed everything.

Yes, there was resistance. I hesitated and had moments of regret after telling the landlord we would in fact, not be taking the space. I felt sick to my stomach that I had made the wrong decision, but these feelings of resistance were so temporary and so outweighed by everything else in my being that was cheering me on and aligning me with my best path. You see, you can feel a difference when you make a decision that aligns with your truest, highest self. One decision that breaks a karmic pattern is cleansing beyond belief. My whole perspective changed and I became suddenly okay with the slowness, steadiness and direction of my life at that moment. I am still in that place... being okay with exactly where things are at. This may seem like nothing to you if you have had that feeling before, but for me... this feeling was and still is completely new.

I recognized a pattern I was allowing AND EVEN instigating to play out and instead of letting karmic addiction take over, I listened to my intuition (higher consciousness). I am still on a journey of personal healing, of which I will be working on sharing more about, but since breaking that pattern, just once, I've never felt more on track and capable of radical self-healing. As cheesy as it sounds, I've always been too caught up in the destination and it's made me do things in such a way that I've neglected the journey. Saying no to my old patterning gave me the freedom to enjoy the journey, to breathe into it, instead of forcing steps towards a destination I couldn't even see fully.

All it takes is one time. Saying no to your self-limiting pattern once will change the game forever because you've shown yourself that it's possible and you are capable of more.

This is why I've incorporated re-patterning into my Shadow Healing work. I am passionate about supporting others through this because I've experienced how transformative it is. Karmic-level healing just hits different and in my experiences, opening to Shadow work is the way to karmic healing.

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