Healing the HEART CHARKA with ROSE QUARTZ energy.


I need to express that I am beyond happy you are joining me on this healing journey. Crystal healing is a passion of mine and I’m so honored to be able to share some of this with you.

If you’re new to this you might ask, “What is crystal healing?” Quite simply crystal healing is using the healing properties and vibrations from a specific crystal to help manifest a shift of energy within yourself. This process can aid in healing with trauma and can also cleanse your aura. Each crystal carries a specific healing property that can target each problem area and provide several benefits. In this blog we will learn about the warm, inviting, loving rose quartz.

Rose Quartz is my personal favorite and also was the first crystal I ever owned many moons ago! My love affair with rose quartz started when I had my first reiki session with a woman who used crystals in her session with me. I instantly felt a change. In addition to the energy shift, I also felt a warm, home-like feeling. She gave me a business card for a local crystal shop and being the typical Aries that I am, I went right to that shop after my session. I walked into the crystal store and I instantly felt an energy from across the room. I was so naturally drawn to this rose quartz that I would dare to call it love at first sight. At first, I was drawn to her beauty, color and shine and had no clue that this little pink stone would start a passion for crystals and healing inside of me.

As a woman who has struggled with insecurities my whole life and never truly loved myself, the universe was drawing me towards this beautiful little piece of rose quartz. She knew I needed her desperately. She wanted to help me heal. So, for those and many other reasons, I wanted to choose rose quartz for this first blog segment. So let’s dive in to learning about her energy, how to safely cleanse her, and how to channel her energy into our heart chakra.....

Once you feel a connection with a crystal and you bring her home, the next step I would recommend is to cleanse your new beauty. Cleansing is a ritual done to take out any negative energy. It makes it more personal and special and gives you a deeper connection to your crystal. It can also clear out any negative energy this crystal has absorbed along its journey.

Rose quartz is a crystal that is safely cleansed with water, so you can take it to a nice little stream, the ocean, or even some rain water. I prefer natural water (found in nature), but if all you have to work with is the water from your sink that will work too!

It’s truly all about your intention.

Alternative methods are sound cleansing and my other favorite, cleansing with ethically sourced sage or palo santo. Make sure you run your crystal through the water or smoke or do circles - again it’s truly all about intent, be positive. I personally send healing energy back to anyone who came in contact with my crystal and send them good wishes! With rose quartz, I will sometimes imagine a beam of white light coming from my heart directly into the crystal cleansing her. It’s important to always set an intention to cleanse out any negativity that your stone may have picked up. After she is all cleansed (you will know when that is, just trust your intuition, it is always right), it’s time to charge your crystal.

Charging your crystals is great way to keep their vibration as high as possible. They need lots of love just like us! Since we are using them for healing, they can become saturated very quickly and if you don’t cleanse and care for them, they can become stagnant. I personally like to charge mine with moonlight. There are many ways to charge, such as moonlight, sunlight, sage, energy transfer... find what feels right for your practice and just do that, again trusting that intuition.

Let’s next jump to making space for healing energy.

Working with rose quartz, I personally like to focus on self love. It can be used for many different healing benefits such as confidence, acceptance, love, and can increase empathy. It can also help with lowering stress and tension, clearing out jealousy and anger and clearing out these negative emotions. As someone who spent years trying to change herself to fit into a mold - I just never had that self love piece and rose quartz was just the missing part!

In addition to rose quartz healing I like to use it with journaling, which I find it very powerful and therapeutic. I write myself a letter and make space for the healing energy of rose quartz. I let go of the pain trauma, self hate, and the expectations. You can do whatever feels right with your soul. In my experience making space is very important. Writing my letter left a hole in me that is ready and open to healing. Healing is not always fun, it leaves you vulnerable and it can be an emotionally draining process. However, it’s so worth it, so don’t give up!

Okay- we’re about to get to the good part. Now that we have made space it’s time to channel that warm loving rose quartz energy.



Ultimate stone of love, forgiveness, self love, self acceptance, manifesting love in your life and healing a broken heart.

Set your stone with an intention. Or a mantra - the following is mine. I say this out loud or in my head depending on where I am:

“Please help me love myself deeper help me treat myself with grace and patience. I let go of what is keeping me from vibrating at my highest. I trust you into my heart space thank you for helping me heal.”

You can obviously personalize it and mine is forever changing because I am forever changing. We are forever changing.

Time to heal. We are cleansed, charged and made some space, now it’s time for healing. Find some time to yourself and allow yourself to get centered. Light some candles or put on some oils; some good heart chakra opening oils are orange oil, rose oil, and rosemary. I find it best to make crystal healing into a whole ritual! This can be done anywhere. Magic and healing is honestly about your intent (if you didn’t get that already!) Now take your rose quartz and bring it to your heart chakra. Feel it - take the time to notice the texture if it’s rough or tumbled. If it’s warm or cool. Appreciate her - take time with her. Know her, feel her, be one with her. This is a very intimate experience. Think of this process like how you get comfortable with yourself or a partner (crystal foreplay). It’s slow, it’s sensual, you feel them, you become one with them. Become one with the crystal and her energy. Take a deep breath and think of what you want to heal.

Again, set clear intentions: allow that warm heart healing energy to fill you. From my experience, visualizing enhances the experience. I imagine a pink energy coming from the stone filling my heart space. Taking away any pain I have penetrating the layers or walls I have built. Filling that space with love and acceptance. It feels warm to me and I get a home-like, comfortable sensation. Everyone’s experience may be different. Take as little or as much time as you need. Cry, laugh, scream, smile & accept the energy. If it’s your first time working with crystals and you feel nothing that’s ok.

Trust the process, it can take some time and some practice.

Sometimes past loved ones may come through if your healing a broken heart and that person has passed. Trust yourself, you’re not imaging things. So many things may happen or maybe it seems like nothing happened at all, but just know you are healing. You are practicing self care, self love and you are raising your vibration. Lots of love and light. And keep being kind to yourself.

-Guided Awakenings owner Jere-Ann Wagner

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