Cannabis Conversations #5: Quartz Trading Co.

Welcome back to Cannabis Conversations! In this series, we will be jumping into all manner of real, open & honest conversations around CBD, cannabis and the people who advocate for it.

Today's guest is quite special! She identifies as a Hempreneur because she is currently an entrepreneur of nothing but HEMP! She is a major advocate for the cannabis plant and believe we can avoid and aid many ailments naturally with the power of plants. She has a passion for creating different ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine as a healing ritual. She runs the Podcast, That CBD Girl, which is launching in full early November, but you can catch some preview episodes now! Her name is Carli and she is the founding force of her own brand, Quartz Trading Co, the source of your new favorite CBD Bath Bombs!


Name: Carli Hazard

Position: C.E.O, Quartz Trading Co.

Holy Grail Product: "I am most interested in the Foxy Loxy and Moon Milk products, they are unique and classy but also great ways to apply CBD."

Chloe: You own Quartz Trading Co. & the podcast That CBD Girl, so it’s safe to say you are a major CBD advocate and hempreneur. How did you get into the CBD game? What was your journey to being a Woman in Cannabis like?

Carli: I have been an advocate since I learned of cannabis, it has truly been amazing to watch the industry transform. I tried to get involved as early as I could. A few friends and I started a cannabis delivery service in 2012 and that is when I learned about cannabinoids and CBD. I can't remember the name of the company, but the first CBD product I tried was an oral spray. A dear friend I met through the industry was helping represent the company and she shared the knowledge. Then, a friend introduced me to his friend who manufactured a CBD topical called Cannaoriginals Emu oil which was when I really dove into CBD. I had just finished my bachelors in Child Development knowing I loved helping people and wanting to be a counselor, but that road was long and expensive. I began working as an adjuster for State Farm Insurance, trying to “find my place in the world,” but I knew the office life wasn’t it. I just wanted to make a change in this world! CBD kind of found me in the midst of this journey.

I have always struggled with back pain and this stuff was working better than anything I had tried before. I was ready to tell everyone. It was tough at first, everyone thought I was just talking about weed and it was hard to get taken seriously. I ended up quitting my great paying job to pursue CBD and I think everyone thought I was literally insane. Since then, it’s like I’ve gone from barely even being able to disclose what I am doing, to people’s grandmas calling me for advice on CBD. There have been many struggles that came with the stigma, but it has been a blessing to be a part of the change. CBD is seriously impacting so many people’s quality of life. I have also met so many amazing people through the industry and the journey has been nothing short of amazing.

Chloe: That is so amazing that you were able to leave a secure job and follow your passion, nothing makes me more excited and thrilled than people taking risks to achieve their dreams and really just go for it! And it's clear that you made the right move because your bath bombs are amazing & we actually carried them for a while when we had The CBD Bar. They were a customer (and personal) favorite. When my husband told me he found a CBD bath bomb company that was putting crystals in their bombs, I was immediately obsessed and everyone just goes bananas for a good bath bomb. What attracted you to making bath bombs your signature product? Where did the idea to add crystals to them come from?

Carli: Self care is super important to me. I wouldn't say I've always been the best at it, but when I started using bath bombs, I began taking it seriously. I wanted to bring something different and extra relaxing to people, which is how I got the idea to put CBD in a bath bomb. Two things I love and two of the most relaxing things I could think of to introduce cannabis, without making people fear the big bad marijuana.

Along my self care journey is also when I became more interested in the power of crystals. I have always been so attracted to crystals and have collected them since I was about 8 years old. Since I've gotten older I've learned about all the different energies they hold and I keep one on me at all times. Being a person that likes to have something to remember things by, I thought it would be awesome to leave someone with a crystal after their bath. Alongside that, I loved putting my crystals around the bath with me for extra relaxation and cleansing. So long story short, the Quartz Bath Bomb was born! I actually had the product before the name or company was even made, I just wanted to try it out and see what it was like for myself and my friends and family were loving it. So I pursued it and perfected it. I should add as well that crafting has always been a passion, I was always the one making bracelets for friends or designing stuff I thought would be neat. So once I figured out how to make a bath bomb, I loved it.

Chloe: You are based out of California, so have you ever considered expanding into CBD + THC products?

Carli: Oh yes of course, all the time. Many customers have requested a product of such, but California has made it difficult. As I mentioned earlier, I did try out the cannabis delivery and during that there was a flood of cannabis shops opening in California. Once the legalization process began, the new proposition made it very difficult to be a part of the THC industry. From the beginning I decided to stick with CBD because I loved that I could help people feel good naturally with solely CBD, and many preferred it that way. I was really trying to introduce CBD into my community and the THC definitely turned a lot of the general public away due to the stigma. Things have evolved though and I think it would be awesome to have CBD and THC products to offer because they work in synergy, but the new laws make that a very big challenge. Regulation wise, CBD and THC are viewed as complete separate entities and so we will pioneer through the CBD industry and see where it leads and hope one day they can meet again.

Chloe: I love your answer for many reasons, one of which being I had exactly the same sentiments when I was running the RadRitual storefront. People would often ask if we had plans of getting into the THC world once it became medical in Pennsylvania and we always said the same thing - I loved being able to offer such potent healing to people in a way that skirted around all the bureaucracy of medicinal marijuana. Medical is wonderful and changing so many lives, but it can still be so expensive and just inaccessible to a lot of people, whereas CBD doesn't require doctor approval, a card, etc...

I do want to talk about your farm, because you have a direct partnership with a pretty important farm in Colorado?

Carli: Yes, they are the largest and oldest Colorado farm, they actually had a lot to do with the Farm Bill. They do have a couple other farms, one in Oregon and one in California, which are newer due to the increased demand of hemp - it's a total of 1,500 acres. They grow 100% industrial hemp and wholesale about 30% of the nation's hemp based products, which means they do a lot of food product too. Their farms are USDA certified organic and they have their own genetics. They process their own material using CO2 extraction and abide by the regulations under the Department of Agriculture as well as the 2018 Hemp Farming Bill Act.

Chloe: That is so rad to be involved with such an impactful operation. You have so much going on with your business and podcast, can you give us a run-down of what a day in the life of a cannapreneur looks like? What is a typical day in your life?

Carli: CRAZY! No days are exactly the same, which I personally love. There are many ups and many downs, even in a single day sometimes. Some days are long, some are short and confusing, but as long as you are awake, you're probably working to some degree. As an owner, you’re literally trying to stay on top of everything while maintaining your quality of life and peace. It can be challenging but that’s why it is so important to build somewhat of a routine. You know that saying, “being an entrepreneur is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute?" Well, that is a pretty true statement LOL.

I think it took me a couple of years to build a routine that can also be different everyday. So, a typical day for me is hard to narrow down but it begins with early morning quiet time, lots of love from my animals and exercise. That always gets me ready for whatever the day is going to throw my way. Most days are filled with production of products and fulfilling both online and wholesale orders. Social media is another big part, maintaining an image on social media can often take up a good chunk of time but in this day and age, it is important. It's funny because I have never been a social media person, my friends begged me to get a MySpace in high school and then a Facebook in college and I was always bad at keeping up at it. So my days are full of challenges and it is awesome.

Chloe: In your experience so far, what would you say are the hardest parts of being a woman in cannabis? What are the most rewarding parts that keep you going when all you want to do is quit?

Carli: I like this question because I have known many peers who have watched my company and myself grow and they try to pursue their own thing under the assumption that it's cake and I think its safe to say, everyday is not a walk in the park. There are so many times when quitting seems like the easiest route. This is not a secure industry, anything can change at any moment. We are all basically just waiting on the government to make a decision and it can change things forever. So the stress of that alone can be very heavy but ultimately, this is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

If it ends tomorrow, I will know how many lives I have changed, how many animals are walking around happier, and all of the children that have healthier skin. That is why I am here and keep going. This is something I 110% believe in and am passionate about and I’ll be here as long as I can! Each time I get a review or a compliment, I still get butterflies. I was destined to help and heal.

Chloe: I think so many of us in the industry got into it via personal experiences with CBD or cannabis. How has CBD & cannabis personally impacted YOUR wellbeing? Do you incorporate it into your daily rituals & if so, how? Do you have any favorite ways to use CBD / cannabis?

Carli: CBD has thoroughly changed my life. I can honestly say that I take maybe 2-4 ibuprofen a year since CBD/cannabis, and nothing else. I incorporate CBD and cannabis into my daily rituals for sure. Having such bad back pain since high school, it has been a blessing. I do it all - I use topicals on my back daily and I use the full spectrum tincture as a daily vitamin as well as for anxiety when I have it. I use the bath bombs very often to help me sleep and recover from workouts and it truly makes a difference waking up the next day. I have this bath ritual that just makes me feel like a queen. I use our CBD Bath Bombs, the Gemstone Roller all over my face, the body scrub on arms and legs and crystals surrounding me with the massage candle lit and ready for my exit. It’s glorious.

Chloe: What has been the most exciting memory or achievement for your business so far?

Carli: Quartz Trading Co. was the first complete CBD company to establish itself in Kern County. I was really excited and still am that I had made the leap when I did to pursue this plant. The best memories are of customers - when I get that message or phone call from someone sharing their experience with a product, you never forget that. It is so touching, you can hear the excitement behind their voice. We take care of a lot of people and have actually made close relationships with some. CBD is giving people a better chance at living healthier and more comfortable lives, so being able to share in that is the biggest achievement.

Chloe: You've already had such significant growth, even since we first worked together just a couple years ago. Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?

Carli: In the next 5 years I see Quartz continuing to thrive in the CBD industry and a store front opening up. Our products will evolve, as we are in favor of science helping us isolate other cannabinoids and having products rich in not only CBD, but higher levels of CBG, CBC or CBN etc.. Also, exploring the extraction of cannabinoids from other plants or fruits even! I also see That CBD Girl podcast sharing vital information about CBD and products with the world. I see it being a platform for people to listen to when they have questions concerning CBD or want to learn more. I think the next 5 years are going to make huge historical changes in the Cannabis/CBD world.

Chloe: Having been involved from the very early stages of what is now a booming and somewhat hectic industry, you've seen a lot! If you could change anything about the CBD/cannabis industries, what would you change?

Carli: First off, I would bring back the Compassionate Act to the cannabis industry. In a perfect world, the people running the industry would be those who are compassionate and passionate about it and have grown with it. I think the new proposition made it too challenging for those types of people and we just see a lot of big money players coming in and monetizing every aspect of it and that is sad to me. I mean this is a medicinal herb and it is now like a hot new fashion line.

The entire cannabis industry has evolved, some parts are great, like lab testing and strain specific products but I liked it more when it wasn't such a fad.

As for the CBD industry, it's hard to say what I would change now because it is still in it's early stages. However, I would change the stigma that CBD carries because of it being a part of the cannabis plant family. I would change government perspective to make it easier to operate a CBD business and be equal to any other. Lastly, I would change the unknowing, and if I could, I would implement some form of reasonable regulations and allow the industry to thrive as is, instead of big pharma taking over and synthetically modifying everything.

Chloe: Truly couldn't agree more. The merging of CBD with the beauty industry is the same story - it has become such a giant fad that big money companies are tossing out "CBD" and "cannabis" products left and right to make big bucks and capitalize. The issue I have with this is that they don't go into it with the knowledge people like you have or the experiences with the plant, so they put out products that dilute the healing experience and make mainstream consumers have an inauthentic experience with CBD.

That being said, there is also a lot of magic to be had and so much potential in the cannabis/CBD space. When you run a business from a place of passion and personal history, it really does become a magical, healing experience for yourself and those you are serving. We heard about some of your favorite moments, but do you have a favorite, go-to bath bomb/crystal combo? Anything new coming out that you’re excited about?

Carli: Favorites are tough! The 150mg CBD Earth Bomb is probably my favorite combo though. The Tiger’s Eye crystal inside is my go-to and I scent it with Ylang Ylang, one of my favorite essential oils. It's funny because it was a custom project I worked on for The CBD Bar and I liked it so much I added it to my menu. Although that is a fun combo, I enjoy the idea of not knowing what crystal you are going to get. It's like, that is the crystal you need at that moment so it makes every crystal special.

For new bath bombs, I just released the Relieve Line, which includes a magnesium infused bath bomb, massage candle, body scrub and lotion. I am stoked about this line, it was a goal of mine to get it finished and released this summer, in time for bath season. The products are amazing when used together especially. New ingredients are the most exciting part though. We have been working hard to introduce some special ingredients into our products that we will be adding to our new full spectrum CBD line. So stay tuned this fall because these new products will be even more effective than anything we've put out!

Chloe: I'm honestly so honored to hear that we were a part of one of your favorites! My husband actually took the reigns on that project and I remember him really just knowing what he wanted, which was so fun for me to witness. It's crazy because I am a known crystal obsessive - I work with them constantly - and I only JUST picked out my first piece with Tiger's Eye for my personal collection. I can't get enough of it now and it's actually even more special to hear that it's part of the Earth Bomb we did together because Moe and I just had a moment where we individually realized we were drawn to the new Tiger's Eye piece we bought because it reminded us of our cat, Peanut, who passed away last year. Stones really have a way of carrying energetic signatures.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Carli: First off, if you’ve read this far, thank you so much!! I think it is exciting for women of cannabis to unite as this is an industry where the majority of owners are female and I just think it is the coolest. It is both humbling and rewarding to be in an industry that helps people naturally.

There is one thing that I will be reiterating in every podcast of mine that I think is important to share and I have narrowed it down to 4 steps when purchasing CBD; Research your CBD company, it is great to purchase from small businesses, they care the most, but make sure you are looking out for

1. A label that identifies a CBD product and not a “Hemp seed oil” product;
2. Identify the amount of CBD and/or THC to ensure it is what you are looking for;
3. Look for independent 3rd party lab tests to ensure the product is true, and
4. For quality purposes, find out where the CBD is sourced from, is it American grown, asian etc.. and is it hemp or marijuana?

These 4 steps should ensure you are actually purchasing a true CBD product.

A huge, giant thank you to Carli of Quartz Trading Co. & That CBD Girl Podcast. Be sure to find her @quartztradingco_cbd and @thatcbdgirl_ to keep up with all of the amazing things she is doing for the industry!

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