Cannabis Conversations #4: Peachie Wimbush-Polk

Welcome back to Cannabis Conversations! In this series, we will be jumping into all manner of real, open & honest conversations around CBD, cannabis and the people who advocate for it.

I am beyond excited for today's guest. Meeting Peachie was one of my life's blessings and I am so thankful that she wanted to share her pearl's of wisdom on this platform. I can count the number of meetings with people I now consider soul family that have felt orchestrated by the stars, and meeting Peachie was one of them. I saw her gloriously decked out in crystals and jewels and knew she was something special! She is the last of the hippie chicks, OG aka Old Guard of Ganja. She is everybody's fairy godmother and she loves it. The self-proclaimed Glenda the good witch trained in take down maneuvers. She is the proud daughter of Pittsburgh's Historic Hill District and the proud Mother to rapper Wiz Khalifa.


Name: Peachie Wimbush-Polk

Position: Queen of Stones, OG, Mother of Moguls

Holy Grail Product: Disco Honey

Photograph by Leeann K Photography

Chloe: First of all, thank you for taking time from your always busy schedule to chat! Among many other amazing attributes, you are an outspoken Cannabis advocate. When did your relationship with Cannabis start and was it love at first hit?

Peachie: I have been using cannabis since 7th grade. I am a kid of the Woodstock era. All of the cool kids in my middle school smoked what was referred to back then as “reefer." I guess, because their parents probably smoked. Now that I think back on it, their parents totally smoked. My Mom was a straight arrow because her mother, my beloved Mama Mary was a heroin addict turned raging alcoholic, so nicotine and caffeine (Pepsi) were the only things she abused. I developed those addictions as well. Thank Goddess, that cannabis is non addictive. It probably slowed some of the damage I’ve done with alcohol, cigarettes and Pepsi. It was absolutely both love and a little paranoia at the same time. My first toke was at lunchtime just off school grounds. I ran into my cousin Buddy, and when he yelled my name it had an echo sound. Since I’m no quitter, the paranoia did not keep me from trying again. Funny, but true story - I was just reminiscing with my BFF about the nickel bags in manila envelopes that we used to get. A fat bag was four fingers deep (held horizontally) and yielded between 12-15 joints.

Chloe: You've well & truly earned the OG title. One of the things I respect so much about you is that you really understand the power of self-advocating when it comes to cannabis and medical practitioners. Did you always know that Cannabis was a medicinal thing for you, or did that come later in life? How do you use Cannabis medicinally? Have you had a hard time advocating for your own use of cannabis with doctors and do you have any advice for people who want to speak to their doctors about medicinal cannabis but might be nervous about bringing it up?

Peachie: Self advocating when it comes to medical professionals is the most natural thing in the world to me. Physicians work FOR you and with you in planning care. I never lose focus of what the power dynamics are supposed to be with my physician. I thought that my early usage was strictly recreational, but I’ve come to learn that it actually saved my life. This little girl from the projects has seen some things. At the tender age of 17, I found my best friend raped and strangled to death after days of looking for her. To say, I was low key using cannabis to deal with the PTSD brought on by that incident is an understatement. The only time I’ve abstained was during my military service. But once discharged, well you know, I’m in love with Mary Jane, she’s my main thing… In 2012 I had a pillbox of about eight or nine pharmaceuticals daily and a few pills that I took as needed, totaling fourteen pills. I was approaching my 50th birthday and felt like crap. My blood was so toxic that mosquitos would NOT bite me. After a detox retreat to Jamaica in early 2013, I ditched every pill in that box and use cannabis internally and externally for anything that ails me.

To people who want to incorporate cannabis as plant medicine, do your own research and insist on having the final say so about what you will and/or won’t put into YOUR body. In PA, you don’t need your doctors permission, just verification of your condition, which can be found in YOUR medical records.

Photograph by Emmai Alaquiva

Chloe: I really admire your attitude towards cannabis as being equivalent to any other medication and it's your energy I always channel when I get nervous myself about claiming my right to use it with medical professionals or even family. You were one of our participants on the first RadRitual retreat (we mentioned it in the last Cannabis Conversation with our friend Meeraj!) and you actually arrived first and we all rolled up to find you living your best on the beach with a joint. One of my favorite Peachie-nuggets was asking you how you travel with your plant medicine and you telling us that you just do it, no f's given because it's your medicine. That's the energy we all could use a little more of (although we are not suggesting anybody travel with cannabis, unless they are fully prepared for whatever consequences the places you are traveling to and from may decide to inflict.)

Many of our readers may not know that you are also an army veteran. Can you shed some light on your experience being a veteran and a medical marijuana patient? What was the process/experience like for you to get registered as a patient? Do you think more can be done to support veterans that would benefit from medical marijuana?

Peachie: I have just always been honest about my cannabis use with my health care provider and they are free to feel how they want to, but they are not free to dictate if I use plant medicine in my life. The VA has chosen to take the position of the Federal Government in prohibiting cannabis, ignoring ALL science and evidence to the contrary. The process was pretty simple. First I went to the website to apply for my card. Do not use the Safari browser, and the info input must match your drivers license EXACTLY (font all caps). To complete the process, you must take proof of your condition to a Compassionate Care Center to verify and process request. Once verified, the CCC approves you and you can go back to the website and complete your online application. There is a financial outlay of $250 for the entire process. It’s the same process for civilians. I absolutely believe that the VA should be on the cutting edge of medical science in removing the prohibition especially for disabled Veterans like myself.

Chloe: You’re a bi-coastal badass, living in Pittsburgh and spending time with your family in California or supporting your son on tour. Do you see differences between being a cannabis user & advocate on the East Coast vs. West Coast? I think the West Coast is much more creative and free when it comes to what is available. It tends to also be much more affordable to be a medical patient out West than it is East.

Peachie: Just like the Gold Rush, The Green Rush is on the West Coast. I agree with your assessment.

Chloe: Not only are you an advocate, but you’ve raised one too. Your son even has his own strain - Khalifa Kush - and is known to be able to out smoke most people, but I have a feeling you could still give him a run for his money. There are so many moms out there who use cannabis, but there’s still a stigma around it. How did you approach cannabis use with your kids when they were growing up? What would you say to the moms out there who want to advocate for cannabis use, but feel burdened by the stigma around it? Or to the moms who are trying to navigate teaching their kids about cannabis as it becomes more normalized?

Peachie: I certainly give him a run for his money. He will admit that. I’ve got a 23 year head start. He has a song called Flickin’ Ashes where he states, “Got my habit from Miss Peachie, smoking roaches getting lit." They would smell the aroma of the weed coming from my bedroom, especially if Aunt Punkin or one of my other besties were there. I did not smoke in their presence, but I didn’t treat it like drugs because it’s NOT. I didn’t hide my nicotine addiction and I promise I didn’t want my children to smoke cigarettes or abuse alcohol. Those were the drugs I was worried about. Just have honest conversations with young people. Young people today have the internet, so you may as well be truthful with them. Now for a fact, my kids had to sneak and smoke as a rite of passage, but by the age of 16/17 we were smoking together. I didn’t want them having negative interactions with law enforcement so I preferred that they bring their friends home to smoke.

Chloe: I remember you talking about the rule being until you're a certain age, you better sneak your marijuana like every other teenager, but I think the honestly piece is so important, especially when it's being used by parents as medicine. I don't have children yet, but I know 100% I would much rather them turn to cannabis over pharmaceuticals in dealing with any ailments that cannabis can help manage. I also feel like, if you're raised in a home where it's a normal thing that your parents use, it makes it less taboo or 'exciting' and therefore removes the desire to be shady about trying it out. You know, if mom and dad are using cannabis all the time, it's not as cool anymore, lol.

Let’s talk CBD too - are you a fan, do you use CBD only in conjunction with THC or do you use CBD separately from THC products? If so, what do you like to use CBD for?

Peachie: (I am) a humongous fan of CBD. It is all of the magic of the cannabis plant. I use them interchangeably, but in my skin care routine I use CBD exclusively. I like the restorative properties of CBD oils, serums, tinctures for bath and body. I am newly diagnosed as having fibromyalgia, so I use CBD products for for relief of muscular and neuropathic pain. I'm really loving a CBD bath bomb (bath fizz) from my friend Nikki, owner of BubbleBabez.

Chloe: What are your thoughts on the CBD boom in the last few years, seeing as it’s blown up in mainstream media, especially in the vaping and beauty industries? Where do you see the future of CBD and cannabis going?

Peachie: My hope is we will see the prohibition of cannabis end just like with alcohol, so that more advances can be discovered. I love the convenience and discretion that vaping offers. Also a couple of tokes from a vape pen is a healthy alternative to soda & popcorn at a movie. I see the future of cannabis as finally a cure for cancer and other diseases that shorten our life span. Social justice surrounding cannabis by freeing pot prisoners PERIOD.

(*A note on vaping - be sure to only use products from accredited, high quality companies and suppliers that test the safety of their product.*)

(*A second note on social justice - The Bail Project, The ACLU & NORML are all organizations working towards freeing pot prisoners.*)

Chloe: We first met at a women’s empowerment event that you were speaking at, so advocacy and empowerment in general are a big part of your identity. Do you find a crossover with cannabis and women’s empowerment?

Peachie: I am a Libertarian on this issue. I believe that the government has no right to dictate what we do with our bodies. More importantly womanhood does not need policing or legislated.

Chloe: Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Peachie: Steve DeAngelo’s, The Cannabis Manifesto, A New Paradigm to Wellness. These 8 tenets have been proven true in my experience over 40 years:

Cannabis is not harmful, but Prohibition is.

Cannabis should never have been made illegal.

Cannabis has always been a medicine.

Chose cannabis for wellness, not intoxication

Cannabis reform doesn’t hurt communities, it strengthens them.

Cannabis should be taxed and regulated as a wellness product.

Cannabis reform is a social justice movement

Legalization cannot and will not be stopped.

Photograph by Katarina Ivana Photography for RadRitual Retreats

Another huge thank you to Peachie! You can keep up with her at her website where she is releasing a set of oracle cards based on sacred geometry full of her nuggets of wisdom, truths, laughs and affirmations. You can also find her on IG @ogjuspeachie.

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