As a brand, we commit to changing the world around us. 

Sustainability and Social Justice are at the forefront of our business model.

SUSTAINABILITY: Our formulas have been meticulously researched & perfected, sourcing ethically produced natural ingredients from small, independent manufacturers. The quality of our ingredients ensures unparalleled results, without sacrificing sustainability. Part of our rebrand in 2021 was translating our old, loved formulas into zero-waste products. This meant doing away with the unnecessary packaging and creating the same amazing results in a new, innovative format.

 SOCIAL JUSTICE: We firmly believe that nobody should be in jail for Cannabis, and we wouldn't be a part of the industry if we weren't actively trying to dismantle the injustices surrounding it. We support POC CBD growers & suppliers only, and we also donate a percentage of our annual proceeds to organizations like The Bail Project. Every RadRitual order also gives our customers the opportunity to customize which organization a percentage of their purchase is donated to. We work with organizations close to our hearts, so that we can make a real difference in the world. 

Check out our Annual Giving Report here!