At it's core, RadRitual is a movement for personal + collective empowerment.

We believe healing comes from the inside

out, mentally, physically + spiritually.

We are all capable of self-healing, some

of us were simply put here to help guide

others into their personal power.

This has always been Founder, Chloe

Nordlander's purpose, although it took

her well into her twenties to fully

embrace this truth. A skilled + dedicated

medicine woman, she uses her training in

reiki, Sekhem, mediumship, tarot, shadow work + ANIMAL therapy to help others move through life with clarity, balance + truth. She is a firm believer that a good healer can only take others as far as they are willing to journey themselves + her specialties reflect that belief. All of chloe's work is founded in empathy, compassion, Transparency + non-judgement.

After a challenging + highly transformative spiritual awakening that attuned chloe to new ways of working through trauma, she considers herself a shadow work Specialist + teacher, focusing primarily on work that transforms pain + challenges into power for her clients. 


currently, chloe is operating out of oceanside, CA. she also offers distance sessions + private or group retreats. You can book sessions here or inquire at radritual@gmail.com